In this winter season 2019/2020, our team will be composed of Denam, Yvette and Marie to welcome you with a lighter concept and in a friendly spirit.

We decided to make at the same time our famous Burgers and to rearrange our caravan to make a space "Steakhouse" spirit.
Our goal is to provide you the best experience possible with part of our chalet.
We are reducing the capacity of our establishment to favor your comfort while remaining in a relaxed and simple atmosphere.
Concerned about current economic and ecological issues, we work with French products and live farms for the vast majority of our products.
Remaining in this logic, almost all of our worked products are homemade, from our hot or cold cocktails to our desserts.
Very attached to the quality of what we offer, we went to meet many of our partners in their farm or manufacturing place and are therefore guarantors of the real quality and ethics behind our products.